How do you ask your boss to work from home (and get him/her to agree)?

Do you dream about the “work from home” lifestyle, without the daily grind of commuting to work?


Are you depressed and tired because your work seems to dominate your life and you just know working from home will give you a better work/life balance


Are you yearning to get out of the work-to-home “rut” of daily living and add a little spice to your work life?


Do you want to keep your career while having flexible work options and time to spend with loved ones and family?


Do you just want to show up for work in your PJ’s?

So what’s stopping you from asking your boss to work from home AND having the work/lifestyle of your dreams?

Maybe you feel apprehensive about approaching your manager or the boss with your proposal to work from home. 


Perhaps you just don’t know where to start, what to say or how to ask.


Or something deep inside is stopping you asking the question, because you just don’t want to hear the dreaded “NO”.


Maybe you don’t know how, or what you need to do your work from home. 

Whatever your reason is …

What if…

you had easy access to an amazingly simple

Step By Step Guide That Will Show You Exactly
What You Need to do to convince your boss to
allow you to work remotely from home.

Many of our friends and colleagues have asked why we can work from home, remotely and travel to exotic locations and still have a great income and lifestyle. 

Sooo many have asked us this question over our 15+ years combined working at home.  And now you’re asking the same question right?     If you want to work remotely,  then so you should >> and you can! We think everyone should be able to work from the comfort of their own home if they want to.   

So we’ve decided to show you how you can ask the boss to work from home.  We answer the question and very clearly, very simply and very specifically give you a plan to turn your work from home dream into a reality

We’ve taken our own real life personal experience and condensed it into a comprehensive guide, specifically designed for YOU to show you exactly what you need to do to get your boss to agree to you working from home.    This is what we’ll help you uncover …

  • The key to overcoming any apprehension and nerves you may be feeling about asking to work from home
  • The 3 different ways you can present your “work from home” proposal.  BIG HINT >>>> Knowing how to present your proposal could make the difference between your boss saying YES or NO!
  • The main objections your boss will raise BEFOREHAND and what you can do to overcome them (some of them may surprise you)
  • Discover your “work from home” resume reputation and the key elements you should include to ensure your boss agrees to your work from home proposal (first time round)
  • Why some managers are harder to convince than others and the Clever Tips and Tricks you can use to get a difficult boss to say “yes” to your work from home request
  • The 5 essential questions you must ask yourself before you approach your boss to work from home – these will help you prepare for success in advance
  • The “tricky little weaning method” you can use to get work from home without actually asking for it?
  • The challenges a telecommuter faces in the home office environment and how to overcome them
  • The work-from-home back-up plan you must have ready up your sleeve and the perfect time to present it

This guide gives you everything you need to know and do to ask your boss to work from home (and to get them to agree!)  And how do we know these methods work >> because we’ve done it ourselves!!  If you want to start working remotely, here’s some inspiration from our own home office.

Us having lunch break at home

Us traveling to Asia for 6 months, while still being able to earn an income

Us showing up to work in our “PJ’s”

If you want to work from home, it is absolutely possible for
you. By asking the right way, you can start working
remotely from your home office.   You can enjoy the
wonderful work lifestyle balance you dream about. 

What you’ll get ….

  • Audio Guide where we show you step-by-step how you can ask your boss to work from home and get them to agree!

  • Download of the Mp3 Call Recording so you can to listen to the call again at your own leisure

  • Specially designed workbook to help you tailor your work-from-home proposal to the exact requirements of your personality, your current job role and the management style of your boss

  • Complete call transcript - so you can quickly and easily refer to the hidden gems within the call

  • Special bonus E-book “5 Critical Things You Should Know Before You Start Work From Home”

Download TODAY $97 $47

Just think  about how your life would change if you could start working from home.  What would that mean to you, your children or your partner.   There is so much information packed into this guide, you’ll have the confidence to walk into your boss with your proposal to work from home.  You’ll be able to make the offer so irresistible that he/she won’t be able to refuse.  

Just imagine tomorrow morning not having to go into the office.  …

Download TODAY $97 $47


100% money back guarantee.

If within 30 days of the applying the methods in this guide you aren’t satisfied then we will give you a full refund – no questions asked. 

So listen to the call, complete the workbook, study the transcript plus the extra bonus materials – apply what you learn, and if you don’t convince you’re boss to allow you to work from home, then let us know and we will send you a full refund – no questions asked.

Download TODAY $97 $47